Thursday, January 11, 2018

I was waiting I was waiting

By Chance

That's what John Cage said when Anni Albers asked him how he started to find his way in his work.
 so "Don't worry"

says Anni Albers
Images in this post are of two pieces of art that I have in my house this week that will go back to rightful owners soon.

The stitched piece (Beginning with Time), was loaned for an exhibition in Thunder Bay and the painting of pussy willows with text by Anne Michaels needs some repair.


  1. Love these very much

  2. lovely artwork, waiting and waiting- sometimes it is that way with me-from what is it I want to say to how do I want to say it.

  3. Both pieces are more than beautiful Judy, movingly beautiful. Thanks for your posts and comments. They always make me think that life is not possible without art.

  4. Oh, all that wonderful, wonderful stitching...!!


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