Monday, January 08, 2018

Our daughter and her art work

Windy  (detail)  mono print with textile collage

from left:  Pink Hill ceramic, April installing the mono prints with textile collage, Windy and Breezy,
 and Royal Mountain ceramic sculpture
April and I spent a couple of days in Sudbury this weekend.  She installed her work at the Northern Artist Gallery at Artists on Elgin on the Friday, and then Saturday, January 6,  was the reception.  The exhibition, Effloresence, will be on view until January 30.
 This is her third exhibition in seven weeks.
foreground:  three of the twelve untitled factory sculptures made entirely from clay glazed with oxides, each sitting on custom made plinths from welded metal, background:  found linen with custom wooden stretcher
The first opened on November 17 at Roots and Culture in Chicago, the second opened December 1 at ACRE Projects in Chicago.  We were so pleased to see both of those shows when we went to Chicago in mid December to pick up April and bring her back to Canada.  I've written about them on Modernist Aesthetic - click here for direct link.
The people that we worked with at the gallery (Lauren and Stephanie) were very helpful.
left:  Untitled Factory clay sculpture, middle: Breezy monoprint with textile collage, right: Royal Mountain ceramic
For myself, it was a real treat to see my kid with her playful and brave art.

She has made art all her life, knew about Vincent Van Gogh when she was three years old. 


  1. enjoyed reading about April's processes, will be interesting to see where the work takes her next!

  2. Awe...some! I have daughter's.

  3. How totally swell. Goodness, she is a beautiful woman!

  4. Bravo April and Judy! So beautiful to witness the creative flow from Mom to Daughter. So happy for you both.

  5. Always I love textiles, but the ceramic constructions are especially fine. How fortunate you are to share the love of creating art with your daughter.


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