Wednesday, January 03, 2018

daily practice

I make large hand stitched drawings.  
My work reflects upon the place I live, a sparsely populated island in Lake Huron, Canada.
I use the aesthetics of simplicity, time, labour, and repetition in combination with the sense of touch.
I spend quiet time with the work, and make repeated, interesting marks.
At the same time, I keep hand written journals (about 200 so far) where I document my daily life, my thoughts, and notes on what I have read. 
Perhaps because I am a parent of four children, I’ve been interested in how mother artists and writers manage their creative lives.  

I have a daily practice of journal-writing.

This year I am paying even more attention to my journals.
I'm re-reading them.
I feel as if I'm really knowing my self.

I'm reminding myself about who I am, because its hard to stay true when one is easily inspired.
On New Years Day there was a super moon.
I stood outside and looked up at it around midnight.
It was awesome, large and bright, with a large ring around it.
The air was super crisp and cold.

I'm starting a new daily practice of stitched collage, using up a piece of contrary felt that I purchased in Alaska in 2009 as a base to stitch into.
A new thing here is that our daughter April will be based out of our house in January.
Her energy is sure to influence how I spend my time.
I look forward to being with her a lot, but I also want to hold on to my self.

My own work.
I feel that these collages will give me a place to play with patterns.
I will allow patterns.
We are given these shapes or archetypes or patterns and we just need to record them.

It's destiny.

In most of my work I try to pare extra shapes away, in order to give more empty space for dreams,
but in these collages, I will let them come.
The first shapes.   


  1. your deep heart shines truth with every stitch, rippling with love honouring the spirits of place, you are such an inspiration!

  2. Working in an elementary school art room again, I find myself falling back in love with simple shapes. Your new practice is wonderful.

  3. Yes, a child work like this
    totally absorbed. That moon
    I saw it too through spaces
    between tall buildings here
    so lovely your moon patches.

    Currently my only practice is staying conscious
    just enough to get what needs doing done. Spare
    determined steps. Past two months my daily task
    was getting the handmade cards complete, posted
    for the holidays I spent primarily at home, ill

    One turns inward then, deeply
    deeply focused and determined

    Now, it's done and I can sleep, let go, restore.

  4. This is such a beautiful post! I am struck by your line "I'm reminding myself about who I am, because its hard to stay true when one is easily inspired" and wrote it in my own journal for pondering. And your closing lines around allowing, patterns, shapes, and archetypes and the need to record them - wow. Your words speak to my heart and soul.
    Thank you.

  5. Wishing you a good new year...from a fellow "mom" stitching rabbits under the same moon a little farther south near the Four Corners of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Arizona come together

  6. wonderful post, love your collage, small inspiration- my grandchildren inspiring me
    I haven't kept a journal for so long, but lately, the need to write has been calling me
    excited to see your work ahead

  7. Yes. "Oh, Judy!!!!!" Like Velma, I'm so moved I can barely speak.
    This post is simply iconic. You are such a blessed soul.

  8. oh, these remind me of my small journey/loose pages. I hope to pass them to my son someday. it has been so so good for me. simplifies the chaos in my mind.

  9. Like Christy, these lines “got” to me—were in bold, capital letters, slipped into my soul space.

    “I'm reminding myself about who I am, because its hard to stay true when one is easily inspired.”

    How often I veer
    Calling my new path inspired
    Instead of detour

    XO Carol

  10. Beautiful thoughts, peacefully embracing simplicity and space in stitches. Thank you for this gift today. xx

  11. Beautifully conceived, thoughtful...will return again and again for inspiration.

  12. Beautiful post, beautiful thoughts and beautiful stitching. Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

  13. So beautiful, Judy. The line Christy also mentioned, on staying true to self when so easily inspired, has continued to whisper in my ear since I read it here.


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