Wednesday, December 30, 2015

everything is curved

Anne Truitt was in an airplane, flying over the desert.  She looked out the window and suddenly noticed that everything is curved.

"Seen whole from the air, the global horizon confronted one bluntly as a context all its own.  I had the startling impression that I was looking at something intelligent."

"Every delicate pulsation of colour was met, matched, challenged, repulsed, embraced by another, none out of proportion.  Each was at once a unique and a proper part of the whole.  The straight lines with which human beings have marked the land are impositions of a different intelligence, abstract in that arena of the natural."
She began to see her own life as something between natural and abstract.
nature - culture
earth - human
natural organic - abstract geometry
curved - straight
balance - imbalance
woman - man

"As I live, certain aspects of what is happening adhere to me as if magnetized by psychic gravity. I have learned to trust this center."
"It is as if there are external equivalents for truth which I already know.
I have to stay tuned in to catch these equivalents.
Vulnerability is implicit in this process."
"The process of art contains my intensities but also exorcises those that are beyond my endurance.
I do all this with haste akin to panic.
I depend on making objects as a kind of defense."    Anne Truitt

text found in 1995 journal, paraphrased slightly from the original
new quilt top finished before the end of the year.  Glad both year and quilt top are done.


  1. A wonderful sight ;-)

    All the best for a peaceful, happy, healthy, creative
    and colourful 2016, Judy !

  2. I continue to be blown away by your creative perseverance. Seeing your intricate, thoughtful, and colorful quilt top brightened and inspired my day. Thank you & Happy New Year!

  3. such a beautiful celebration for this last day of the year!

  4. A blessed New Year to you and yours, Judy...Thank you for your generous gifts of inspiration!

  5. wow Judy. this is stunning!
    I love the ethnic crossover it illustrates.

  6. So beautiful. And I love seeing it outside.

  7. your beautiful cloth covering the brush pile, beautiful.
    what a good job for a quilt!
    but i like it best in the wind.
    like your voice, here in the wind.

  8. As wonderful as others have been, this one has flagged me down, inviting my whole attention, asking for a response. Thanks, Judy. Happy new year!

  9. Inspired again, this time by the amazing colors in this beautiful cloth. Thank you soooo much!

  10. blanket on the's Alive this way

    in this coming year, May you live with ease.

    Much Love and Deep Gratitude, grace

  11. what colors! may the new year be as magic as they and the text are !!!

  12. Thought provoking words, thought provoking work. Vulnerability is curved.
    Thanks for sharing, Judy.

  13. Thank you for these generous comments.

    I am glad to see the end of 2015. I found it hard actually - lots of family stuff.

    This quilt top was the best therapy - sewing colour and finishing up false starts - I am so glad it translates as positive.

    Best wishes for 2016 for all of us. The year of making!

  14. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Thank you for such beautiful post, all the best for 2016

  15. Beautiful work, beautifully photographed

  16. helen salo8:02 pm

    Yes, thanks for the post. Only the best for us all in 2016 and a joyful year of making!

  17. Finishing up false starts is very comforting.

    I wish you the best for the new year.


  18. Hi Judy -- just wanted to drop by and say Happy New Year and how much I love reading your blogs. Isn't it magical how the internet allows us to make a whole new world of friends? and this new quilt is gorgeous!!


  19. what an amazing quilt!! Happy New Year!

  20. Anonymous11:10 am

    2014 and 2015 were difficult years; years of loss and pain and health of loved ones. Seeing your inspired work helps me ponder all the possibilities in the New Year. I am hoping for a year of completion of somethings, starting new things. Lots of ideas, lots to consider, to ponder. Thank you for such an uplifting post. Happy New Year!

  21. This is mesmerizing, so beautifully photographed. Your work always inspires and uplifts. It has meant a great deal to me in 2015 and I'm sure 2016 will hold even more beauty. Thank you always. May this new year be one of good health, peace and joy for your family.

  22. Love this, Jude. I love the geese and the squares. They do really well together. Hugs to you! :D

  23. Happiest New Year to you and Ned Judy... and to the extended family - growing so beautifully. You are blessed.

    Hoping that 2016 will bring you joy and time for the passions, the needs and the want - time for slow stitch and continuing the work on this beautiful stunning against the backdrop if first snows and the open water and the branches - truly a gift you bring to each of us through the lens of your camera. I love this blog - you too!


  24. Love the colors..Happy new year!

  25. I know you are glad 2015 is behind you. And good on you for finishing what I'm silently calling The Kitchen Snk cloth before the turning. such a fitting piece to close out 2015. xo

  26. I am always inspired and in awe of your work. You have inspired me to put away my sewing machine for now and spend time slow stitching.

  27. As always are a transformater
    Every stitch a tear makes such beauty
    Love how you pictured it

    The best 2016

  28. Fantastic quilt top. So many pieces--a study in shapes. The neutrals with the jewel tones is brilliant--warm, serious and lively at the same time. I always appreciate how you combine the dark and light aspects of life in your work. Thank you.

  29. And the "wrong" side looks so good, it's almost hard to hide it under batting.

  30. Absolutely extraordinary!

  31. I keep coming back to this post, Judy. So inspiring that you have combined all the fragments into one big beautiful end to the year quilt. Warm wishes for the new year.

  32. Love your quilt top! I just ran across your blog, but wow! Hope you have a better 2016.

  33. In the narrowest meaning of the concept, it is touch, after all, that I am after in my work: the touch of my hand I hope to find transmuted into something that touches the spirit. I hold the structure neutral: a column. Painted into color, this wooden structure is rendered virtually immaterial. The color itself is thus set free into space and into the ever-moving sun, which marks time. And color is the least material of matter: vibration as light. A touch.

    Anne Truitt, Daybook p. 184


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