Thursday, January 18, 2018

January Projects

January Project

a baby quilt for Maia
I started with the fun - folk borders
April's working from our house this month.
Photographing her ceramics on the clean snow.
January project

My daily practice 
velvet and flannel on felt

When it was 9 days old it was perfect.
Now it is 18 days old.
January project

a rescue cloth made from a flannel sheet a utility cloth of some sort. .
January Project

A flannel quilt top machine pieced with small dark crosses.  It holds the conversations that April and I are having.

These two large cloths are spread out with a 3rd layer of flannel between,  ready to be basted.
 Cloth and time are my main materials and I continue to trust them.

I ask myself:
What is this material's experience?
January Project

simplifying my life
death cleaning my clutter (book here)


  1. (((Judy))) you are a cloth conjuror stitching time in to your days!

  2. Always, always, love seeing your hands on the cloth. Crosses have become ever more important to me. Beauty in the simplicity.

  3. There is a imperfect yet unbroken rhythm in your words that speaks to me.

  4. Her little fingers
    Touching those dots and petals
    I lovingly stitched

  5. Carol, the reverse applique dots and flower shapes are velvet for little fingers to pet and explore

  6. Your baby quilt is so joyful! Makes me feel happy just looking at it.


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