Tuesday, August 01, 2017

It's summer

It is summer

and I have been immersed in family
it's a good busy
The kids are doing the cooking and also the planning of what to cook.
The grand kids are doing the cannon ball diving, the fishing and the comic book reading.
I'm working on a large piece.

It has a wool central area, dyed with plants and stitched in several colours of thread
surrounded by linen damask, pieced with raw edges, strengthened with big stitches.
life and death are not opposites
death is enfolded in life's centre
'when I keep my heart open, when I let it be touched
I learn that it is botttomless, it is vast, limitless
 I discover how much warmth and gentleness is there,
 how much space'
(pema chodron idea)
the Alaska family was here for 11 days and time stopped for me while I watched them


  1. I love the first picture of the lake you posted! The colours are fabulous!! The sun and shadows have 'painted over" some colours and changed them! Like the "blue" lily pads. Canada is so beautiful.

  2. gently holding such beauty and peace

  3. i can feel your family here, the noise, the quiet, the gatherings. thank you.

  4. Linda6:09 pm

    I love summer so much and this is part of that love. Family and time..
    Good post to soak it all in.

  5. sounds like a perfectly wonderful summer... x

  6. I can't imagine a more perfect summer. Looks like you're all taking space to feel that "bottomless" love. Your stitching seems central to that. So nice to see the next generation stitching also.

  7. Anonymous9:31 pm

    your photo of the landscape...land and water...touched me so deeply...and your joy of family. Always your expression of insights and daily practice inspire me. Your life is rich with passion for creation, and I am glad to meet you often...even if it is only online. with warmest wishes and support, Hedda Gerlinde Sidla


Thank you for taking the time to connect. Much appreciated.xx