Monday, December 10, 2012

layers of time

 This post is a long overdue update about the fourth panel of the Manitoulin circle project. 
The materials: donations of many beautiful ecru pieces of domestic lace.   
 I had not planned to use lace, but perhaps they are perfect for the central circle of the last panel? 
We arranged them on a foundation made from plant dyed linen.
These two vintage pieces, hand made in Ohio, arrived in the mail in September just in time.
 Layers of lace, layers of time, take us back to another, slower era. 
French knots on layered nine patches made from vintage wool blankets.   Completed in August.
Vintage table linen, back stitch hand embroidery with beads, layered first on square foundations and then on this semi circle. This section also completed in August.
In the above photo you can see the original watercolour sketch.
I'll write about the upper half of the white inner circle next time.


  1. Judy this is looking amazing. I love how you have collaged the lace, the texture it gives to the piece, and the story of many hours of handwork...repurposed.

    This project always inspires me. Your vision, the many hands creating, community.

    Jacky xox

  2. The lace works! Did you knock back the whites by overdyeing? Sometimes lace can look precious or twee when used in contemporary textiles or collages, but your use of it does not. Awesome! I look forward to seeing the finished piece.

  3. i want to see these up close, in their home, in morning light, when they're done.

  4. The lace that I used in this final panel here was not altered in colour by over dyeing, Karen. It arrived in a variety of shades and I selected only the ecru, beige, tan, and off whites. The very dark and the very light coloured lace were put aside to use in some future project.

    Using lace was not in my original plan - but because so many donations came in unasked for (and because it was just so beautiful) using it seemed to be something that NEEDED to be done.

    At first, I thought that just allowing small amounts of lace to show would be more minimalist and closer to the aesthetic I was after, and we tried covering the lace with linen and then revealing it with large hand worked eyelets - but this was just too much activity for the eye.

    Layers of lace were actually more muted and subtle, shockingly gorgeous and worked on so many levels, not the least was the addition of the element of time which I am interested in very much.

    I love that so many more hands are now involved in this panel - more than just us who are adding our time and touch in the present day. Now, women from the past who have spent hours with their hands to create objects of delicate beauty are joining us in this final panel. The idea of this passage back into time thrills me.

  5. The immense beauty of it...and the children--oh that picture just touches me so.

  6. the lace is so perfect... representing the unseen hands of the past, the art, the love...

  7. you and your collaborative work are brilliant Judy, this is beautiful and works on so many levels, thank you for sharing the process.

  8. Boggles my mind. The expanse. The time. The hands. The generational shift seen in this beautiful work.

    Do u ever sleep

  9. Shockingly gorgeous says it all. Thanks Judy!

  10. Yes, a collaboration with unknown artists, across generations. The lace is indeed shockingly gorgeous. The layering makes it less dainty, brings out the richness and power.
    (And, not a plug for my blog, but the story in the posting I did today, The Universe Giveth, really reminded me of your work.)

  11. Beautiful. Love that so many MORE hands have now joined the project with the addition of the lace.

  12. So much life in this work, Judy. So much art and love...

  13. I find such comfort knowing that Your Hands and Their Hands are busy creating these magnificent pieces. And the lace? Stunning. And vitally important.

  14. (Ummm, I've been away from the computer for several weeks, so I guess google has forgotten who I am and decided to dub me "unknown." You know me as Jeanne. Wholly Jeanne in the ethers. The one who's still stitching Nancy's drawings.)

  15. mommmmmmm what a finale this will be! ohhhh i wish i could be there on these christmas thursdays with you.

    so marimekko in this tone then? im going shopping tomorrow. xo


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