Friday, December 14, 2012

Kiki Smith

ink drawing on nepalese paper by kiki smith

 collage drawing with ink, nepalese paper by kiki smith

 In a quiet voice, the artist speaks while sewing,
 draws while sitting on her couch. 
Beannacht 2010, collage drawing, Kiki Smith

All images gleaned from many sites on the web. Visit  Here,  here, and here for sources for these and for more work by this inspirational and true artist.

I admire how artists can spend their whole lives in a free-fall....not knowing. 
 Kiki Smith


  1. Great post, Judy... I love that quote, too. And seeing her in her house, wonderful!

  2. lovely post Judy!
    re free fall a wise friend said to me 22 years ago when I had just finished art school & my life fell apart & I couldn't see the next move..." You're in free fall enjoy it! How many times in this one lifetime do you get to a place where there is no pressing need to do the next thing or be anywhere? "& he was sooo right!

  3. cgReno1:27 pm

    Thank for the introduction to the amazing Kiki Smith

  4. what a womannnnnnn

  5. Thank you for the reminder of Kiki, Judy.....I recently visited her extensive photo exhibit....always a mystery...and I am touched by her quote "either you're stopped by what pampers you....or you're not"..........It has got me thinking that I "AM" stopped by what pampers me. Such food for pondering....

  6. On Tumblr, a few days before you posted this, I happened to see an image of a woman on a cross in crucified posture... it hit me, as a rare thing.

    One of your links has an image and little audio interview with Kiki of a star filled stained glass window she an an architect did for a synagogue renovation in New York. There were other images of stars too, both reminding me of mandalas and all your lace from the last post, each like a meditation shape from a soul.

    Any rate, I mean to say I enjoyed this post.

  7. great post! It was a treat to see this little video!


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