Saturday, December 08, 2012



Hand  ling the art work was a privilege.
collection, Val Cross, found objects and bare iron wire
I stitched her words: all we want is a better fairer human life, Denise Jones, silk thread on linen
Shimmer, Catherine Dormor, digitally printed silk satin and organza
Flying Family Tree, Monika Brueckner, stitched paper
Untitled, Jean Kirk, shirbori dyed and pin tucked silk organdy

Yesterday I shipped the last of thirteen parcels back to their makers in the UK and Germany.


  1. Our Advent Quiet day at the church today had this theme: "The Work of Our Hands". And then I come home and find the blessing of this post...and the hands that made the work and the hands that enjoyed the work both in the making and in the sensing. And the words return from Psalm 90:17: "prosper the work of our hands; prosper our handiwork".

    A blessing indeed. Thank you.

  2. These photos your hand. The work of orher hands. How we teach each to each. Give pleasure. Light.

    Have been watching some louise b Trying to increase the understanding. Thank you.

  3. I love your hands touching the works. Sensitive and powerful at the same time...


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