Friday, November 16, 2012

The young are always right

When Louise Bourgeois was in her mid twenties, she left home to study art in Paris.
Last September, our daughter April left Canada so that she could study art in FINLAND. 
Constellation 2012, by April Martin

  "In matters of painting, the young are always right"
 Louise Bourgeois

Please click here to view the short video that features April at the Toronto opening of Defining Moments, an exhibit of young Canadian artists. (The top two images are from he disappeared into complete silence, a portfolio of engravings and parables by Louise Bourgeois when she was in her early 30's.)


  1. happy mom. april is a lovely woman, in every sense. good work.

  2. You must be very proud of her.

  3. Finland might be a good place for art. I was there 3x in my younger years. I met some very genuine and individual people, living connected with nature, thus deep thinkers and not too talkative. Wonder if you daughter experiences something similar.

  4. MOM!!!

    you lil cutie.

    mommmmm. miss you. i can talk today if you want to call? xoxox

    love you

  5. the constellation is wonderful. absolutely.

  6. My art students would surely agree with Louise Bourgeois words... (high school students)

  7. Loving the boat, the sails, the constellation - what FUN they are! They made me smile, and a few of the sculpture/constellation pieces made me chuckle. And April? Well, she's just as beautiful as the art she created.

  8. I love April's piece "Constellation". So stark, but so evocative. What a wonderful opportunity to study in Finland. I hope we see more.

    Jacky xox

  9. Yes, I think I agree with LB after watching the video. Yes, yes I do. How wonderful this is. Thank you for sharing it.


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