Wednesday, November 14, 2012


In the afternoons, I've been driving into Little Current to stitch Precious Water, the meditation panel currently in the frame at the church hall.  I go alone.  
The marks I make in the pre-textured fabrics are invisible, but they will last.  This pleases me. 
 I'm using silk thread,  a thick needle, meandering stab stitch and withdrawal from society.  
I'm so motivated to work right now. To getting my work DONE.

"You only have so much time.  Spend it on your work.  Organize your day around your work."  
Penny McMorris


  1. That sky--what a blessing--your work and focus on it--another blessing. This post a little blessing at the end of my day.

  2. oh, yes, this is something to be reminded of.

  3. i agree entirely about the doing.

  4. you always inspire me so...

  5. You, too? I am finally saying no to people and things so I can say yes to my work. I am organizing my day around my work and delghtng myself in this new level of commitment and enthusiasm. I thought it an age-related phenomenon or maybe heralding my impending demise. Maybe it's just something in the air.

  6. oh Jeanne

    'heralding my impending demise'
    you make me smile...

  7. yes. it matters alot.

  8. Are you ever really not motivated?

  9. My first instinct was to say, "amen," but it goes deeper than that really. Your words 'withdrawal from society' describe a state of being for me (for so many days these last few years). I feel time much more than I used to.

    Thanks for your every stitch, Judy, and your thoughts that ride shotgun ;>]]

  10. Your work and site are most beauituful

  11. Love this post.
    You amaze me, always, with your work ethic.


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