Monday, November 12, 2012

horizon mend

 Mending myself.  Stitching by my window.
 Gazing over the water to find my friend, the horizon.
 My friend who says "there, there"
and gives me spaces to have new dreams about myself.
Back in my (introvert) normal life.
Stitching hours and hours.
Looking out over the water towards the Wikwemikong peninsula. 


  1. your horizon becomes my friend too.

    Versions Of Sandy


    Before the great storm
    I was I--Preparing.
    Within the storm I was I
    solid as a mountain.
    After the floods and wind
    I flew to Utah--Then
    climbed up above clouds
    where, I was I--Still.


    The feeling of floating and swirling persists with me, reminding me just a bit of the dissociation of acid trips way-back-when, of being reduced (or perhaps enhanced) by the familiar becoming unfamiliar---then familiar in a new way. The sudden awareness sharpened--that we are mortal material within the great churning everything. I find it has heated my internal flame now burning brighter.

  2. Love these stitches Judy !
    Is it just pulling hard on a circle of buttonhole stitches that the holes are formed ??? Love it !

  3. Beautiful poetry, Ms Michelle.
    Thank you for that - very glad that you are safe.

    mortal material within the great churning everything

    And els, yes!
    Just pulling and going around the same place with buttonhole makes an eyelet stitch.

    slow but beautiful

  4. glad to have you "back"

  5. Remembering those tiny little circles!

  6. It's good to have friends to come home to.

  7. The setting is beautiful and peaceful. Loving your mending, almost unreal - hugs Nat

  8. Ah yes, the horizon. So centering and peaceful, one of the most fundamental things about being a human. Between heaven and earth. Living as I do amongst forests and mountains I don't see a horizon line unless I am on the water.

  9. Such beautiful calm stitching.

  10. mountains. water. the horizon. cloth and needle and thread. there's no better balm for the soul.

  11. The horizon (out there in the blue of distance) is the place that you can never reach ... a friend too is just that bit of unreachable distance away, ahead of you, spurring on your efforts to get there ...

  12. I love this holes.
    And I am very happy when I can go back to my also introvert normal life. With all this rain and wind outside my home this weekend...


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