Monday, November 05, 2012

addition then subtraction then addition ...

Egg, Rochelle  Rubinstein, block printed, painted and carved wood panel

I respond to this carved wood panel by Rochelle Rubenstein.   It reminds me of Paterson Ewen's work with routered plywood, cosmic imagery.
The rugged material, uneasy horizontals, and jaggedy marks tip me into some unnameable emotion.
Her marks are made by taking away material.  She subtracts.  This is opposite to stitch.  Stitch adds.

I saw Rochelle Rubenstein's piece  in  Momento Mori , the exhibition curated by Gareth Bate for the World of Threads festival from works that were fibre inspired, not fibre based.
Cohobate, Nicole Collins, wax, pigment, jute twine on canvas, on board

World of Threads also introduced me to the layered work of Nicole Collins.
She begins with a layer or two of wax and paint, which are then partially removed by scraping or melting, only to be reapplied slightly differently.
The show is up until November 25 at the gallery in Sheridan college of Art and Design, Oakville, Ontario..
I was inspired to research these two Toronto artists online.  A humbling exercise...there is so much..
 Holy Well , Rochelle Rubenstein
Humores, Nicole Collins, encaustic on canvas

"painting is so difficult
life is so short"
Louise Bourgeois


  1. Wish I could see this "in reality" - but online exploration will have to do... Thanks for the links!

  2. Intrigued and inspired here.

  3. hi mom just got your package.
    thank you.

    i will load the pictures this evening.

    i really love the first one and the yellow and black.



    here is an artist i am loving


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