Tuesday, November 20, 2012

stitching in car again

 Sunday morning
 highway 69, heading south
 we are picking up the continuum show from world of threads festival
 and delivering our old table and chairs to Jay and Erika
 Monday morning, 8 am.  On the Gardiner Expressway, Toronto, heading to Oakville
 and then driving north again
noon, yesterday

 the rock cuts on the newly widened highway still amaze me
 it's a six hour drive each way
almost home before dark


  1. The white on white stitching I am doing in these images is for the final panel (of four) for the manitoulin circle project.

    12 hours of stitching - and it still hardly looks as if I've even touched it.

    eyelet stitches are like drops in buckets.

  2. I love your stitching, and this project, and I'm completely in awe of the fact you can do this in the car. What a great way to spend the driving time; sadly I just get carsick so spend the time watching the world go by at speed. It's a beautiful world though

  3. The show looks like it was amazing! I can't believe you are able to stitch so well in the car! I agree with you about the cuts in the road and could look at that landscape for a long time! As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the states, I reflect on the many layers of richness in my life, I count you, your work, your words and images among my blessings. Thank you for all of the sharing you do!

  4. This sensation, when you have worked a lot and you don't see anything done is awful!
    I would love to sew in the car, as you. I can't even stare at my own legs... But I am the queen of the needle when in a plane...

  5. Always busy fingers Judy...12 hours of stitching in the car. Very productive.
    This last panel is beautiful. I love the white on white eyelet stitches. Lots of beauty here.
    The rock cuts look amazing. I am amazed with all of those hours of stitching that you record so much of your trip to share with us.
    Are you getting sad that you are working on the final panel of the Mantoulin Circle Project? How I would love to be able to come and see this project in it's entirety. I can only imagine.

    Jacky xox

  6. Love the new look of the blogpage. White and crisp. Nice.

  7. All the time spent on the eyelets; someone, anyone who has ever stitched eyelets will take one look and recognise all the time spent ... and might even have a glimmer of knowing why eyelets were chosen? They seem so certain, with all that stitching round their still centre, but they have a mystery too, as they nudge up against each other.

  8. Hey - this is what I did yesterday: stitching on my new cloth in the passenger's seat while listening to a book on tape. The eyelets are as beautiful as they are time-consuming, and I like the white background. Makes it easier for these tired ole' eyes to read.

  9. Next, I need something that makes it easier for this tired ole' brain to remember what I wanted to say . . . I find the rock cuts mesmerizing and spectacular, too. When we cruised through the Panama Canal several years ago, I stayed down in our room where I could see the walls of the canal. I'm weird like that. Do you ever see faces in the rocks? I do, all the time. Make up stories about them, too. Such expressive faces, those rocks of sages.

  10. wow! absolutely amazing!

    lovely thoughts

  11. I love that 8 a.m. photo of my hometown. I have never seen those colours there at all - ever.

  12. I enjoyed your photo record of your stitchings during your road trip. How I wish I could stitch on long trips but I get car sick.


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