Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the pulse, the flow of time

" I would have liked to draw the moments that little by little make up my life,
 to let people see the phrase within, the phrase without words,
a rope indefinitely unrolling, winding,
accompanying in its intimacy all that comes from the outside, and the inside too.
I wanted to draw the consciousness of existing and the flow of time.
As you might take your pulse."
text: Henri Matisse
One complete skein of embroidery floss each day. 
August 2 - October 21, 2012


  1. Gorgeous, a perfect combination...his words & your stitch.

  2. You did, you do, it is consciousness materialized!

  3. I have loved following along as you stitch your daily cloth...if only those stitches could speak. the stories they hold.

    Jacky xox

    how many strands of floss do you use to stich Judy?

  4. I use the entire 6 strands at on time, Jacky. With a strong large eyed needle, I couch the fabric onto the artist canvas.

  5. Lovely colors and flow.

  6. I spoke of this work at my talk Canadian Inspiration at the 18th carrefour Européen du Patchwork in France this past September. Part of my lecture touched on our cultural influences on our work as Canadian artists. These pieces remind me so much of the woven carpets from Finland- your cultural heritage. They are so beautiful in their simplicity.

  7. Wow, I would never have guessed Matisse. As I was scrolling down I thought maybe Agnes Martin. But I love Matisse's work and his words were a perfect complement to your stitching.

  8. Anonymous7:13 pm

    I'm so grateful that you continue to share this.

  9. There is something so calming, so reassuring about this.

  10. Interesting, Jeanne.
    Matisse is known for saying that he wanted his art to be like an arm chair for his viewers. So that they could be refreshed and comforted from the harshness of the outside world.

  11. I think we would all agree that the two of you would gotten on quite well.

    loved hearing your voice last night mom.


  12. Judy, what he said in words, you said in stitch .... calming and familiar as an armchair indeed ;-)

  13. I hope that I'm able to watch you "take your pulse" for a very long time, Judy. In light of Matisse's poem, that is what all these daily skeins of thread seem like to me...your own "flow of time," a kind of life blood moving through each day.


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