Friday, October 26, 2012

Perivale Gallery

When we first moved to Manitoulin, I took my paintings over to the Perivale Gallery in Spring Bay to see if   Sheila McMullan would show my work.  She and her husband Bob decided to "try" me the following year.
" But that's Ivan Wheale's gallery" I was told by the locals, naming the most well known (non aboriginal) artist on Manitoulin Island. 
Each spring I produced new paintings and after viewing them propped up against the gallery walls, Sheila and I would discuss art over a glass of wine.  Maybe Sheila would have preferred it if had I continued to paint water colours of my children, but my work changed.  I grew just as the kids have.  Matured.
Sheila, I can still feel your encouraging and determined spirit.  Miss you. xxx

Sheila Florence McMullan  1926 - 2012 

My watercolours in this post were painted in the 90's and showed at the Perivale Gallery.
These images are scanned from slides as the originals are in private collections.  


  1. wonderful tribute... sigh...

  2. well, sugar, you stitch tributes every bit as beautiful as the quilts you stitch.

  3. A blessing early in your career that undoubtedly informed your present work. I have just met a gallery owner I may be able to work with once my studies are complete; I am hoping for a similar blessing. :-)

  4. Beautiful work. I'm sure Sheila would love whatever you create.

  5. how interesting... my early works were also watercolor and landscapes and I have gone through a number of changes myself. And what a wonderful tribute.

  6. Each year, for nearly twenty years, Sheila would invite me back to show the next season.

    It always had to be new work.
    As I started to change towards the quilts, she told me that she had no room for them. However, each spring, I would take one anyway, and she would see if she had room - and then she would hang it.

    The quilts, one each year, became popular with the visitors to the gallery. It seemed that people looked forward to seeing the single quilt (along with whatever encaustic or stitched paper thingey I was also making) even if there was no intention to purchase it.

    Sheila's daughter, Shannon, has taken on the gallery and we'll have to see what comes next.

  7. wow. so sorry to know this.
    what a sweet lady and lovely space.

  8. the word that comes so easily is 'JOY'......and then 'FLOW'.......your watercolors are beautiful, I can see why she wanted you to continue with them. I also understand why you could not.......

  9. April

    During my last visit with Sheila a month ago, she inquired after you.

    "How is that bright spark of yours?"

    I thanked her for encouraging your work. She replied "It's important".

    Sheila nurtured her artists.


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