Monday, October 29, 2012


They trust me. 
They trust that the small pieces they labour over will combine to make a magnificent whole.  They trust that it will happen.
I trust the materials and the hard repetitive work and my own sense of aesthetics.
Because they trust me, and I trust the process, even on those occasions when we have to rip things out, start over, we are carried along by trust.  Lifted.   
More than I would have ever imagined.

Shown:  in progress, the final section of the final panel of the Manitoulin Circle Project. 


  1. worthy of trust you and your unimaginable circle.

    Here in NYC where we are in total lock down-without mass transit till further notice-all flights, including mine to Utah, canceled and rescheduled and rain falling as we await the full force of Hurricane 'Sandy'-TRUST is a good thing to meditate on.

  2. like little holes piercing the sky bringing into the whole light.

  3. Any secrets to trusting "[your] own set of aesthetics"? I am getting there...

    Love the layers of button-hole wheels, like piles of seashells...

  4. trust, lovely meditation on your fellow stitchers.

  5. not just in artistic pursuits, but in general, i find that trust is has an evolutionary unfolding in the context of my life. there was a time when trust was as natural as air. then came an illusionary time when distrust felt like safety. and now it just takes way too much energy to resist trusting. this post is infused with beauty, philosophically and aesthetically.

  6. Its so beautiful The trust and the hands and the magic of your art. Love the white.


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