Thursday, November 01, 2012

Continuum Installed

simplicity monumental, installed in front of Oakville Town Hall north atrium window
We installed Continuum yesterday.  This is the graduate exhibition that was hung in Middlesex University last June.  Now that work is hanging in the Oakville Town Hall as part of the World of Threads festival.
Foreground,  one of Val Cross's spheres.  Visible in the background are Marilyn Hall's sculptures, as well as a glimpse of my large piece.  
Ten artists.  Innovative and personal work.  We are proud of how we were able to re-think our work and present it again after the degree.

Eight of us travelled quite large distances to Oakville in order to install our work and be present at the opening on November 2.   Monika came from Germany, Denise, Val, Viki and Marilyn flew from the UK.  Lesley flew from B.C.and so did Ingrid from Manitoba,  I just had to drive (6 hours) from Manitoulin Island. If you are near enough, I hope you will be able to visit the exhibition.

Jean and Caroline, we miss you but your work looks fab.  Hopefully we'll all connect in Germany in February. xx


  1. great is that!

  2. Wish I could be there. Have a wonderful opening!

  3. oh, i wish i was going to be a bit closer this weekend.

  4. OH I want to go to the 'quiet zone'......instead I'm off to the nearest cozy cafe to get some high speed internet so I can peruse the very very wonderful to be in and have acces to this wonderful exibition.

  5. I so wish I was near enough to visit. There is nothing like being able to see these pieces hung/exhibited.
    I think I need to get to an internet cafe and get some high speed internet too.
    Have a wonderful opening ladies.

    Jacky xox

  6. how very exciting, fulfilling, and satisfying for y'all and the ones lucky enough to be able to see the exhibit. congratulations to all of you talented, creative women.

  7. Congratulations. I would love to see the show in person, but the internet will have to do. Best wishes to all.

  8. Wonderful.

    Amd imagine all the hours the art traveled from within each of you to enter world.


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