Sunday, October 21, 2012

A French review

Another review of Tradition in Transition from the Carrefour in France last month. French blogger, Emma Coutancier has included my work along with that of Barbara Wisnoski , Gordana Brelih, Gloria Daly Chung im Kim in this write up. Like the curator, Sandra Reford, she sees them as 'transition' pieces within the tradition of patchwork.  
Barbara Wisnoski's "That time in the evening in winter" hanging in Tradition in Transition, Alsace, France last September.

Energy Cloth.  If you are interested in more information about the entire carrefour, Emma has written several posts about the exhibits.  Here are links to the original French text as well as the  translation into English.

Energy Cloth's embroidery stitching goes through two layers, and is a summer quilt.

Curator Sandra Reford just let us Canadian artists know about Emma's blog today.  Once more, Sandra, thank you for the love and attention that you has given to this exhibit.  

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  1. perhaps a transition is the translation of tradition. just as traditional quilters reused fabric into utilitarian cloth (patch patching) today's quilters are using tradition by repurposing it. each generation find use and need?


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