Saturday, October 20, 2012

trying to put heart back in

 I've been tweaking my monumentally scaled embroidery. 
It had a red center, but I removed it (see here) and I feel its loss. 
So while we were driving to the airport before our trip, I embroidered wide arcs.
And while we were driving home, I filled in an area to make the central shape rounder.

But still unsatisfied, I undo. 
The piece is 9 feet square.  With a paper pattern, I drew another line, rounder.
Used silk yarn to stitch two neutral arcs.
Just a trace remains of red now.  A rainbow fading in and out.  Maybe now it is perfect.
Getting ready to show this piece again in Oakville, during World of Threads festival.

"I have had a guilt complex about pushing my art, so much so that every time I was about to show it I would have some sort of attack.  ....On the other hand, I destroyed nothing.  I kept every fragment. 
Nowadays, however, I am making an effort to change." 
 Louise Bourgeois, when she was only 68.


  1. the scale overwhelms me but your gentle treatment is even more overwhelming when you see it on the wall. stitching here must take a vision as big in trying to keep that tiger sleeping.

  2. a tiger sleeping

    I love that idea and you know, it is accurate. thanks.

  3. I agree with Henrietta, the scale seems so very large, and yet a canvas that size would be fun...

  4. Embroidery trial and error on a LARGE scale!!! You must have the patience of a saint.
    It has to please our eye though, doesnt it, otherwise it's equilibrium is not right and neither is ours.... until it's 'just right' in our minds eye.

    Jacky xox

  5. It's taken some time for me to accept this sort of thing...but with handwork, it's 'however long it takes'...

    thank you.

  6. absolutely love the idea/look of the red thread almost like a scratch, a healing presence that is fading in or out. the cloth is lovely

    you are a wonderful poet.

  7. i don't know what to say. in every way, it's a cloth of magnificent magnitude.

  8. i think that stitching and unstitching are both making the thing, both necessary, both vital. you know when yu get it right, none of those removed stitches are unnecessary.


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