Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fibreworks Cambridge 2012

Arbor Vitae by Heather Cameron,  wool embroidery on canvas, 2012
Visit Heather's blog to view more about this piece based on the codex canadenisis, the first natural history book of Canada, written and drawn by Pere Louis Nicholas in the 17th century.  
How to Lift by Tammy Sutherland, hand dyed and printed cotton with embroidery, 2012
The artist imagines "post historic" landscapes, the line drawing is from a first aid textbook. 
Gertrud and Max, tapestry weavings by Liv Pederson, both 2012
Liv Pederson used a primitive plank loom to create these faces inspired by folk tales.
Fibreworks occurs every two years.  These photos give an impression of the exhibition. 
Although sparse, it is packed with content.  Thought provoking.  
Embroidery made a strong presence.  The mood was one of unease and of imagination.

Continuing until November 11 at Cambridge Galleries in Ontario Canada this biennial juried show draws from the entire country.  It is wonderful that the gallery has a mandate to collect contemporary Canadian textile art and that this collection is made available to the public through regular exhibitions and the website.


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Judy. I didn't know about Heather and her work. Now I need to follow her -- and it -- more closely via her blog. :-)

  2. Fascinating group. Amazing how we are all so varied in our vision and expression. Thank you


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