Wednesday, May 02, 2012

mother daughter

Hearth rug for Hestia, procion mx overdyed string quilt, by Judy Martin, 1998 number ten of one hundred quilts
April and I are leaving Montreal today for New York on the Amtrak train. On our list for galleries we want to see: The Brooklyn museum, the Fisher Landau, the MOMA, the MAD, the highline park, the Chelsea gallery area, the Whitney, the Gagosian, we want to attend Frieze, we want to make a pilgrimage to Dia Beacon so I can see the Agnes Martin long term display. Too much, we know that...

I can tell that it is going to be a beautiful memory we both will have.


  1. Today is Tusday--thought you were traveling Wednesday--in any case your plans are WAY TOO MUCH, BUT YOU NEED DREAMS...(I can jump on the Highline or MOMA)--Don't forget the probability of a rainy Friday--Dia is a full day trip. Maybe you might think about a week (Ha). Bon Voyage you two!!

  2. It took me about ten hours to drive from Manitoulin to Kingston on Monday. I spent the night with my dad, then took a train on Tuesday over to Montreal, where April and her partner Andy live. They let me have their bedroom which is where April's lovely quilt is mounted on the wall.
    We are catching the 9:30 am train today, May 2.

  3. Anonymous8:21 am

    so excited!

    for both of you.

    it's really important to have one on one time with your kids. the one thing my mom always says about her mom is that she's never had a meal alone with her....

    which is true.

  4. well its 9:38 am by the laptop.. off u two go

    Agnes Martin, ohh nice.

    i like that you can travel away from home and sleep under your own beautiful hand quilt.

    enjoy each other

  5. i sense perhaps that there will be a story cloth coming from and through this journey with your family. what a wonderful memory cloth that will be and something that you can hold in your hands through-out the years...a heritage cloth. cheers and enjoy - Agnes Martin (hmmm - that last name rings a bell) what fun.

  6. Oh WOW......try to allow time to visit Storm King ( when you are at DIA.....and be sure to take your sea sickness is overwhelming to the senses! Wishing you a wonderful time!!!

  7. What a wonderful trip. By train and with your daughters!

    Too much to do, that's true, but maybe you find the American Folk Art Museum also interesting. I didn't visit it when I was there and I regret it so much...


  8. What a beautiful and improvisational piece. I love it.

  9. your trip sounds so expansive ... would love to see just one... but i saw some martin paintings in santa fe and fell in love... wonderful to have two generations of work here...


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