Monday, May 07, 2012

NYC journal : Sheila Hicks

The first gallery we went to in New York was Sikkema Jenkins and Co. in the Chelsea area.
Sheila Hicks has work on display there until May 25.
It was wonderful to see her innovative work in actuality - not just in reproduction.
We were interested in how the small weavings were framed. Plain wood, floated on matt board, in a shadow box style.


  1. I just realized yesterday that Sheila Hicks was being exhibited in NYC. Love her work. Don't know if you're interested, but work by Ernesto Neto, large sculptural crocheted installations that one can climb into to sit, are at Tanya Bonakdar Gallery at 521 West 21st St. I've seen several posts about this exhibit and, as a childhood crochet enthusiast, am itching to see it.


  2. Very envious...How I would love to see her work in the flesh! Did the shadow boxes also have glass?

  3. such peace and harmony here

  4. Yes Penny, these pieces were behind glass.

  5. I amamazed about how many textile works and artists you have in America (USA and Canada).

  6. You are right about how seeing a piece "for real" is a completely different experience than seeing reproductions. There is a direct physical relationship between oneself and the work. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip!


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