Tuesday, May 08, 2012

NYC journal: Ernesto Neto

Another highlight of the Chelsea galleries for us was the Ernesto Neto exhibit at the Tanya Bonakdar gallery until May 25.
Neto is a Brazillian sculpter who works with soft materials and gravity to create skin coloured fantasy immersive spaces that involve all our senses.
"Let the children, let them play. Let the children play" he sings in this video.
On entering the gallery space, we had to walk through an archway of crochet and air, causing bells to ring. It was uplifiting.
Joetta's post about this exhibit has many more beautiful photos. Also, Roger Atwood's profile of Ernesto Neto gives more information about this artist who creates with surprise, light, nature, biology, and fun.


  1. Love these - and that his name is Net-o... ha!

  2. thank you for sharing these.

    Esp the video of Ernesto. I love him! He's so awake and whole; his philosophy knotted into his work in such harmony.

    Talking about his rooms of no nails, all knots and gravity, I loved when he said, "different air, emotionally and intellectually." Bells have always seemed a symbol of attention moving into air, of cleaning air, of awakening the senses.

    glad you enjoyed your journey, thank you.thank you

  3. Amazing! It is wonderful that people can interactuate with the installation.


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