Wednesday, February 16, 2011

looking at ancient things

Towie Carved Stone Ball found in Scotland 2400 BC Rillaton gold cup, found in Cornwall, England 1600 BC

Lady of Auxerre
The curvy right arm sugests adoration or supplication

635 BC

death mask Russia, gypsum with pigment 300 AD

With the spiral, death meets with its opposite.

Coptic tapestry detail of Artemis, wool and linen, Egypt 400 AD

All images in this post are from the book 30,000 Years of Art published by Phaidon


  1. Anonymous8:34 am

    That looks like my kind of book; thank you for mentioning its title. Fascinating how the simplest design motifs seem as if they've been around for ever and yet are still so meaningful.

  2. Great group of artifacts - I just saw a film on stonehenge that someone did an experiment using those ball things like ball bearing to move a lot of weight to simulate moving the big stones. I gather the balls are an oddity that they can't figure out what they were for. This guy had a inking that they were ball bearings to move the stones. Do you know about them?

  3. thanks for sharing these, just wonderful

  4. such inspirations. thanks for sharing judyx lyndax


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