Sunday, February 20, 2011


We had a twenty four hour power outage on Friday. Unable to do simple errands like mail parcels or pay bills at the bank because computers were down, I had time to photograph this book. It's called Survival Book and is one of the first pieces I completed after our move to Manitoulin in the early 90's. It's a collection of acrylic paintings of found goddess imagery combined with text about insomnia. Ned and I heated soup for dinner on the wood stove, read by candle light, went to bed early.
The power returned around noon, Saturday.


  1. Lovely book...! Glad you had a relatively short outage. In 2008 we had a really bad ice storm and I was out of power for a week. That was a challenge. However, wood stove saved the day, as did my luggable lou! And snowshoes. I am reminded in these situations that though we are adapted to our electricity, we would find ways to adapt if we had to do without. However, I WOULD miss the radio and internet!!!!

  2. i am glad your power outage allowed you to photograph this book. strong imagery, strong book. thank you.

  3. stitching by moonlight?! You will have to couch down two day's worth of black strips for the power cut on your canvas pieces! Survival Book....Ma thesis, what a journey.

  4. love your Survival Book especially the stitched spine is this coptic stitch. The tutorials for this are not very good but maybe its easier when you are doing it. Jean


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