Wednesday, March 08, 2023

my ten thousand piece quilt

This is a simple post about the simple quilt that I am hand piecing this week. 

ten thousand piece quilt by Yoshiko Jinzenji, naturally dyed cotton, 72 inches quare

Inspired by Yoshiko Jinzenji's ten thousand piece quilt that she made in the 80's and included in her book, Quilt Artistry: Inspired Quilts from the East.  

I started it during the drive to Kitchener to deliver the Inside Out exhibition .  

Simple because you begin at the center, and then go round and round, increasing the number of patches in each strip as you work towards the edges.

My one patch quilts are usually made from collections of nine patch blocks that I join up.  

This one is different.  Simpler in a way.  

We continued on after Kitchener to a resort in Mexico.   

The fabrics are left over linen scraps from previous projects that I am using up.

Hand piecing squares fills me with positive energy.

As the work in my lap grows under my fingers, I feel stronger and braver.

The pink strip I'm adding today is 16 squares long.  It's left over from the sunshine quilt.    

This soft textile is a journal of days.  

It is recording memories of this week in Mexico with our daughter and her boyfriend.  

 Sending out love from us.  xo


Julierose said...

What a beautiful and meaningful memory piece this is--just lovely work hugs, Julierose

Margaret said...

Your neutral palette is so calming to the eye, as it clearly is for your fingers. Have a lovely holiday!

ARTISUN said...

Stunning piece already Judy. And hanging with light coming thru it is even better. always you inspire me!

Maya said...

Your blog really inspiring and enlightening. Don't stop!

Nancy said...

Judy~ I love how the single color blocks lead your eye around, into the next row. A little adventure! So, you are sewing the squares into rows and then sewing on the row? It looks grand and I really like the calmness of this pale batch of colors.
Lovely to spend time with family. Hope you enjoyed!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Simple yet so delightful! I love how your colours are changing subtly, and I love how it's your personal journey... one patch at a time❤️