Friday, December 18, 2020


If the sun remains in me

more ardent

more like the morning

life is condensed.
If it resists dispersal

delighting to dwell in me

it lingers to love.

Seeking more to radiate than to diffuse itself.

It gathers itself

in order to spread itself.

Keeping secret what is offered.
Whoever senses it
can pause before it.
Text by Luce Irigaray
Images of my new sunshine quilt top in progress.


  1. (((Judy))) such beautiful colours especially your first photo catching the back light!

  2. The colours are all hand dyes. Either linen damask or a lovely linen weight silk that I just discovered and will work with again. The greens are from my daughter April’s spring-summer pandemic visit with us. She was seeking a spring green colour and got out the procion dyes. The more neutral colours are all plant dyes. 😘

  3. And I’m appreciating the subtle shadings and changing textures. Each photo tells more of the story...

  4. Another stunning quilt, I'm in love with the colours in this one!

  5. The sunshine in your hands is a wonderful thing Judy.
    The top photo - lit in the window, stunning! The low center yellow-green-yellow-gold in that one reminds me of the folded paper "gum wrapper" style chain in a recent post of Liz's :)
    Be well.


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