Friday, October 15, 2021


Just a quick note here to let people know that I am fine.    
The exhibition is beautiful and I will write more about that soon.
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I'm home now and loving being here after traveling to the exhibition near Ottawa and visiting some of our grown children and young grandchildren in Ottawa and Toronto.  

These days I am cleaning and decluttering my house, gathering my life story from my old journals and stitching in the mornings on my 90 inch square muslin and indigo quilt, grateful for it.   

The island state is a state of remaining within one's own boundaries, undisturbed by any external influence; it resembles a kind of narcissism or even autism.   One satisfies all one's needs on one's own.  Only the self seems real.    Olga Tokarczuk  


Mo Crow said...

This is such a beautiful piece (((Judy))) & congratulations on the stunningly beautiful bodies of work you and Penny have made for In the Middle of the World!

Nancy said...

Judy~ That exhibit looks scrumptious! What beautiful view and cloth here...the light in the first pic especially & the green view. Such an interesting quote too.

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

the quote. as if you put it there, almost incidentally,
at the if you put it there for me

Liz A said...

this quilt has been such an inspiration to/for me ... it makes my heart sing every time you bring it here

Margaret said...

I'm glad you are doing well, and that the exhibit is getting rave reviews. I'm also happy you are safely home; just reading of your quiet rhthyms soothes me and encourages me to try to do the same.

Threadpainter said...

Hi Judy,
Just saw Penny's photos from your combined show and wish that I had been able to get there ! It looks absolutely gorgeous !!!
Next time !