Thursday, October 28, 2021

loss / beauty /our exhibition

There's a beautiful exhibition going on right now, miles away from me.  It's called In the Middle of the World and I'm really proud of the work in it and how it is installed.  

It feels a bit strange though, to have my work up on display there, and yet continue on with ordinary life here on Manitoulin.  

"There is such a shock after a show.  A show is an experience and after a show the artist is a different person.  He/she moves on.  So does the work."  

Louise Bourgeois said that in 1976.  It's how I'm feeling.

The exhibition is a two-person one with my colleague and good friend, Penny  Berens, who lives in Nova Scotia.  Penny and I discussed our work and how and where it would be shown with Miranda Bouchard, a free-lance curator who lives, as I do, in northern Ontario.  We both leaned on Miranda for layers of support.  

I wrote about Penny Berens's beautiful wall pieces on my Modernist Aesthetic blog.  Go see


I wrote about my sculptural textiles on Judy's Updates.  Go see that too, please.   I included my poetic artist statement in with the images, so that it would seem as if you are listening to someone read it into your head as you move through the exhibition.

let it all go 
the small middling tall bigger really the biggest and all things
let them go dear.
so comes love.

All the images are from Manitoulin Island, taken from car windows during a drive with my husband last Sunday.  The stitching I had in my lap is a new piece, I don't know what it is about.  


Liz A said...

I am forever taking pictures from the car window ... hoping Don will find one to paint and put on the wall ... or to stitch myself into a patch of memory

your whorls of stitches feel like gusting leaves and interconnected gears and frost tracery ... all at the same time ... as always, magical

Els said...

LOVE the rippling of these circle stitches, Judy !!!
(ahhhh . . . if I could only TOUCH :-) !)

Mo Crow said...

beautiful reflections & congratulations on a stunning show!