Sunday, September 26, 2021

boxes three and four : In the Middle of the World

 I am not like you, the old woman said slowly.

I do not tell stories.

I see visions.

I see that life is not a line, but a circle.

To be human is to be circled in the cycles of nature,

rooted in the processes that nurture us in life, 

just as plants breathe in and out their photo synthesis

breathing in and breathing out.

Elizabeth Dodson Gray   from Green Paradise Lost  (1979) 

Installation happens this week.
Four boxes of art, one box of rods arrived at the gallery on Friday, September 24.

I can not find the words to name how I am feeling. 


Mo Crow said...

(((Judy & Penny))) you two have made such fabulous work for this show, wish I could see it in real life!

Marni said...

Thank you for sharing these - especially the way you've hung outdoors. I love them!

Nancy said...

Judy~ Oh, oh, ooh! Your stitches, your wrapping shapes...the way you stitch words to your creations.
The very best to you (and Penny) on this show. I so wish I could see it in person!

susan hemann said...

my word! your work is stunning! I especially like the "womb" like shapes, looks like a person could crawl in and be cherished!
I'm in awe of your talent, the amount of time you put into a piece!

Unknown said...

Your beautiful works are wrapped in the arms of mother nature and I'm loving it all.

Helen Mathey-Horn said...

Your works are like great poems...they seem simple enough but you can feel there are deeper meanings there just beyond the sense of your brain. Love them.

Camilla G. said...

I feel so fortunate to be able to see these works at the gallery. It’ll be amazing…

Marilyn said...

What a gift for us unable to see the show in person.
Thank you.

CatherinE said...

The shapes look absolutely mythic in their woodland setting. Very beautiful work and I wish you much success in the show.

Bethany G said...

I was blessed to be able to drive to Almonte on the 2nd of October, say a quick hello to Judy and Ned as they were busy greeting visitors to the amazing exhibition. I walked slowly through the gallery, taking in the depth of beauty - the investment of time and talent.. hundreds of hours of stitching. I stepped slowly nearby, imagining stories that evolved as Judy worked...I looked into each piece. A beautiful sharing of all that lives to be told through history. Thank you, Judy - your art will be enjoyed for generations.