Friday, September 17, 2021

Box Two for In The Middle of the World

I've loved the rock cuts of northern Ontario my whole life.

Now I'm sending textiles that are inspired by them to our exhibition next month.  

Penny Berens from Nova Scotia and I are working with a young freelance curator, Miranda Bouchard.  

Miranda supports us.  
She reminds us to create our true work.  
My work is grounded in phenomenology and the huge inner world. 
For me, phenomenology is the idea that just through living,
just through moving our bodies through time and space,
just through breathing and touching and hearing and tasting and seeing,
we learn.  

Our bodies retain knowledge.
Our bodies never forget. 
Penny and I have been told that we make drawings with stitch, 
but drawing occupies a single plane, 
embroidery also marks the reverse side. 
The rugged beauty of northern Ontario is held in my work.  

The quiet.  The strength.
The birdsongs.  The wind.
The Norah Rosamond Hughes gallery is a large heritage site within the MVTM museum.
The walls are thick, rough and natural.  There will be a lot to experience.    
There will be a lot of movement required.  
Moving releases people from the rational mind, into a creative trance.
A place of insight. 

No matter what comes along, we are always standing in the middle of a sacred space.  

Everything that comes into our circle has come to teach us what we need to know.  

                                                                                                    Pema Chodron

link for artist talk on September 29 is here


Roxanne said...

Waking to your wonderful words...

Nancy said...

Oh Judy. Those 5th & 6th photos...the see-through-ness. Amazing.

The Pema Chodron quote...sigh.

Creating your true work...

Wolf K said...

Always a pleasure to read your words and see your works.

ARTISUN said...

Your work is stunning Judy, I so enjoy seeing what your mind creates. I wish I was close so I could visit your and Penny's show in person. I adore her work as well. Hopefully you will take some pix of both your pieces on display and share them with us. Best, Deb