Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Box One

I live on a sweet island.  

It is quiet here, just birdsong and wind in the trees.

The kinds of moments in nature that happen quickly and then are gone.

We remember them in our bodies.

I watch the lake every day.

The colours of the sky and the water change all the time. 

There are things in nature that we are unconsciously aware of.

The interconnectedness between the land, the air, and humanity is one of these.

I use all the senses in my work.

Smell, sound, touch, taste, sight and also the sixth sense - mystery.

Art is like nature.  It opens the inner world.

My work reflects the quietness of nature.

I work alone for long hours laying in repetitive marks inspired by nature's way.

I make large scale, hand stitched drawings and sculptures based on simple repetition.

I use domestic textiles and natural dye.  

I have been exhibiting my work for 40 years. 

The aesthetics of simplicity, time, labour and repetition ground my work.  

My completed works reflect who I am.  My work is me.

This is why I use dyes from my locale.  

This is why I use family textiles.

This is why I use large space. 

My language is the stitched mark.

I keep paring away anything else.

I've created a body of work using wool blankets, plant dyes, and hand stitch. 

Some pieces were inspired by the monumental rock cuts of Northern Ontario highways. 

I'm packing my work this week.  

The exhibition with Penny Berens at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte Ontario is finally happening.  

I have five boxes of completed work to ship.  

I'll show what is going into Box Two in a couple of days.     

I am so glad to be finally getting this work out.

You must be getting bored with it. 


Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) the scale of your work blows me away !

Liz A said...

for the second time in as many days I recall the Rachel Field poem "If once you have slept on an island" ... it has a simple rhythm to it that reminds me of the patterns formed by your stitches ... and comforts me with its truth

susan hemann said...

such riches nature offers and it's reflected in your quilts! as always, stunning work! The scale! I just could not work on such a scale, the patience you must possess

Suzanna said...

So beautiful. Not bored!❤️

Maja said...

As if anyone could be bored by your beautiful work!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

love scrolling down slowly....the moment when they touch Earth

the way the First hovers

Bethany G said...

I love every piece - every stitch, the inspiration that started the project, the work in between the months of your schedule - the art play, the colour and natural dye approach, the meaning that is with each design, and the heartfelt communication you have with the needle and threads...and the brilliant ARTIST's insight. I cannot wait to stand in front of each piece for a long, quiet while...
See you soon...

Joy said...

gosh, no, not bored! I love seeing your contemplative work. How exciting and fulfilling to be showing your work to a broader (and appreciative!) audience. I hope you have a beautiful day.

Maria said...

I 💗 your work Judy .. very motivating 🤩🙏

Kim Bates said...

I am amazed and the enormous amount of patience you have and the intense meaning your pieces have. They are more than beautiful, they are truly a pice of you and your place on the earth.

Judy Martin said...

Thank you very much to those of you who have commented. It means a lot to me to know that people are reading this blog and that it is worth while to share my artist-life.

Packing work to ship that I've touched or handled nearly every day for 3 years, (with a few side-tracks), is very emotional and exhausting. I'm going through each piece with close inspection, finishing up details, and then photographing it in my outdoor gallery. The blog gives me a place to record this final loving touch and have a prequel 'exhibition'.

love you xo

Anonymous said...

I am certainly not bored to see them especially hung in an outdoor gallery! The colors and designs are so inspiring.

I've spent most of my life working small stuff! Perhaps it's time to go big.

Thank you so much for posting these pieces and look forward to seeing more of them.


Margaret said...

"Phenomenology": I had to look it up, and now I have to read. Much to learn...from the practice, and your beautiful work. I look forward to the artist's talk.

Nancy said...

Oh I could never be bored Judy. Your work and island bring such a sense of calm...but more than that, if I could find the words to say what I am thinking, as you find the stitches to communicate your stories. So beautiful, waterfalls of earth cloths. Congrats.
Grateful for your support to "create our true work"
May we all create our own work, our own lives in such a sensitive way. xo