Wednesday, May 12, 2021

judith e martin dot com

The main thing in this post is that I have a new website.
It holds my work in order and I'm pleased to announce .
That's judith with an e martin, the e stands for Evelynn.  

Zoe helped me with the square space website.  We launched it when the moon entered Aries last weekend.  Thank you sweet Zoe. xo

In this post, images of recent projects.  
The first one is a rescued quilt that I'm mending with circles of dyed velvet.   
But it's time to fold it up and let it steep a bit.     

I've moved on to a different project,   'new beginning' , 
It's mentioned in the lecture 'my awakened heart / my pandemic summer.
I'm quilting into it from the back.


Mo Crow said...

love your new website (((Judy))) you are such a bright star!

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

beyond BEAUTY FULL, Judith e.
a Place to go. Just sit and breathe.
Sacred space.
BEAUTY FULL, this dotcom