Tuesday, May 04, 2021

in the middle of the world

It's May.  My authentic self is back.   My exquisite courage.
I cleaned out my quilt cupboard over the weekend.
In the top shelf are the unfinished lamentation quilts, most of which I started during the pandemic.  

In the middle shelf are finished pieces that were going to be in a show that has been postponed.   
The pink one on the bottom is the beautiful doily stardust piece.   
In the bottom shelf are the pieces I've finished for In The Middle of the World.

In the Middle of the World is a two person exhibition that is scheduled to open this coming October at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum near Ottawa, Canada.  My friend and colleague, Penny Berens, from Nova Scotia and I have been preparing hand stitched artworks for three years for this show.   We are working with a free-lance curator, Miranda Bouchard. 
Penny's work is about her experience of living close to nature.  She observes the small daily changes of growth, decay, seasons, and weather.  She is inspired by the patterns in nature and uses thoughtful, repetitive stitches to communicate what she sees and feels.  Here is an example of her work.

My work is also inspired by nature, especially the colours of early spring and late fall in my northern Ontario environment.  I'm interested in how running our eyes across an open space in nature can set off something deep and unnamable within, and I try to get close to that inner language with my work.
Miranda writes about us.  She listens to us and our work, and writes:  The naturally-dyed, slow-stitched textile works of Judy Martin and Penny Berens inspire ways of seeing, sensing and reflection that are simultaneously outwards, at our surroundings; and inwards, at the landscapes within us.   
The gallery is currently closed because of the pandemic, but we are all hoping that it will open to the public in the fall.  

The images of Manitoulin Island barns and fields are from the drive Ned and I did on Sunday.
I am blessed to have my stitching and my window and a partner during this time of covid.  

My heart goes out to the many, many humans in the world who are really suffering and living in grief and fear.  Each of us is in the middle of the world.


Julierose said...

I love those "natural world's" colors all folded --all the neutrals that when put together can no longer be called "neutral" really--they just remind me of wheat fields bending and swaying in the Spring wind...very evocative...

It is so calming to have had both shots now; we are feeling a lot less stressed...
thanks for sharing your thoughts and your lovely works...hugs, Julierose

Camilla G. said...

Looking forward to seeing you in October. Fingers crossed. Glad to hear about your May self and feeling gratitude for blessings too. x

Mo Crow said...

(((Judy))) x fingers the gallery can reopen for these beautiful works from you & Penny!

Margaret said...

Each of us is in the middle of the world. Aren't we, though. Once again, thankyou.

Judy Martin said...

Biggest hug