Wednesday, July 29, 2020

and the light poured in

I look around me and
everything seems , what's the word I seek,
I've been alone for a few days, not quite a week. 
The empty spaces became filled with green
and my needle kept going in and out, in and out

I made things in the evenings that I had not even considered when I woke up
My fabrics piled up around me and the light poured into the house
it poured in

it revealed  beauty I hadn't noticed
and also that unnamable something....
I've gone back and forth to my studio in town,
making making making
looking at the water and the sky

writing and unwriting journals
 a kind of transformation is going on inside me

a shifting

When you make something you have proof that something has been accomplished, something is different.  It's proof that there has been a change.  You have made a physical change. You have made a thing.  It's through the physical world that you can have a spiritual life.  It is about transendence.  Something has moved from one state to another.  Art is proof.  Art moves your insides into the physical world.  It doesn't rob you of your insides, it;'s just a representation and it's always different.  It's like a mystery and you're trying to rein it in or something. 

Kiki Smith speaks this way


  1. love the pod forms!

    1. I love them too. Excited about them, actually xx

  2. Wow, again you are here for me, saying just what I need to hear to keep me creating. Judy, you are such an inspiration. Thank you

  3. I'm blown away by your pods!!

  4. I'm fascinated by the ruched "blanket"...wool slice? Intriguing...

  5. Maybe Kiki Smith gave you the word you were seeking:transcendent. Celebrating your creativity.

  6. Anonymous5:42 am

    what are the pods stuffed with? all your posts are very inspiring to me. than you.

    1. The pod shaped bundles are made from a piece I made in 2016 about my daily walk. I was invited to speak about this walk at a festival and so prepared small bundled footsteps from broken sweet clover or broken willow beaches that had been wrapped with cheese cloth and red thread. These were spaced alongside a river at the festival for participants to walk beside. It was poignant because my femur had spontaneously broken in June and the festival was in September. I was not able to do the walk myself, but could still speak about it. Anyway, these small bundles of brokenness are bundled up and are the inner selves of these cocoon shapes. The outer wrappers of plant dyed blanket wool are strong and make a brave healthy exterior, but the shapes themselves could not exist without the brokenness and the walks not done yet that make up their inner cores. xo

    2. Anonymous3:01 am

      wow, thank you very much for the detailed experience and process that lead to such a magical work of art, i am so grateful to you for sharing your insights.


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