Tuesday, August 04, 2020

blueberry pie deep thought

When I make a pie, I follow a recipe
. If it doesn't turn out either it's a bad recipe or I didn't follow the instructions.
(Jay's sour dough bread )
With my art making there is no recipe. When my art doesn't turn out - then I have to either find a way to fix it or abandon it. It's no one else's fault. It's no one else's idea. Somehow, it's not even my own idea - it's more like my insides turned out.

Maybe this is the answer to that age-old riddle about art and craft.
With craft, you have a good idea how the finished product will look and do whatever it takes to achieve that. With art, you have no idea how it will look when you're done. It's a discovery.

Images from this week at cottage with the Jay family.
Text from an ancient blog post .  click here to see the original.


  1. this is an extraordinary piece of stitching/needle art! and the pie...looks perfect, would love a piece, please!

  2. Food, art and stitching are nourishment

  3. Read and re-read this post. How lovely to be with family.

  4. Also, you can’t fake honesty and authenticity. Which you don’t. You shine through, if I may say so.


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