Friday, February 07, 2020

working through the winter

So far this winter, I have been blessed with a beautiful rhythm in my work.
Nearly every afternoon I've gone into my town studio and have just about
finished the huge piece I've been working on for nearly 5 years.   (see pinwall)
At home,  I've been designing and starting new pieces in a rush.
Pieces that I did not think about.  (see pinwall)
I just started them, and they're great.  (see pinwall)

In other words, I've been lost in my work,
although it feels more as if I've been found.
I completed the quilting on a large piece I've worked on for more than a year
during the evening Netflix date with Ned
 and it's ready for the adjusting and finishing.   (see pinwall history)
 'Just do your work' Kiki Smith says

"Just do your work and if the world needs your work,  
it will come and get you.
And if it doesn't, do your work anyway."  Kiki Smith


  1. (((Judy))) such beautiful work and photography, feeling the textures through the ether, in awe of the scale & scope in your work!

    1. Thanks Mo. It's been a beautiful connection to my inner self through this work. However - I do feel like quite the recluse! xo

  2. Lord knows, we could all use a little mercy now. Thank you...again...for who you are and how you are through your work.


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