Sunday, January 26, 2020

April's horizon work

April took her new ceramics down to the shore
and photographed them during the beautiful hour of the day.
She brought them from her Toronto kiln to our house when she came home for the holiday.
We recently spoke about the colours in these bowls and jars.   
She told me that she is making glazes that blush.

'All glazes are mixtures of chemicals that melt and form a glass layer
across the ceramic to protect it', she informed me. 

'And blushes happen when two chemicals get near each other.'
She also said that to her, the sunset is like a blush.
Sky, water and sun nudge each other

and we go on.  


  1. Wow...these are wonderful shots...and the bowls are beautiful as well!!

  2. Lovely photos...and a lovely image of the blush of the glaze when two chemicals come near each other. :-)

  3. Oh Judy I can't even describe how this story and images touched me. Beauty and oneness would be a start. Belonging. Home. Simply magical!


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