Thursday, February 20, 2020

practice slow

Margaret drew a circle around her world and let nothing in or out.

Here Leonard Cohen's tears made the seasons change.
He is crying for poetry because it goes away from us.
Poetry needs time and love and we are nervous about both.

She said to her love: "you are made of clouds"
She said that their differences were that he believed in whales though he had never seen them.
Her life was made of what she could have.
friendship, promises, secrets, love, marriage, children and time
She met each with the grace and good posture of her era
The world is made of work
Everything will happen
She can't wait.
When Margaret listens to Bob Dylan she becomes clairvoyant
She sees clearly that her romantic heroes are fiercely independent
that they have ruled her heart and left it
 Margaret's heart is full scream.
Poetry makes a shape to fit into a sound to fill the hollows
Margaret opens her mouth and her body screams fifteen years of longing and loss and love
She said:  We are a failed star.

Isn't that elegant?
All text by  Elisabeth Beliiveau  2010
All images are circles by moi. xo


  1. each project of yours is marvelous, gorgeous, inspiring, thank you very much

  2. "Poetry makes a shape to fit into a sound to fill the hollows" rings so true!

  3. Amazeballs. I woiuld like to stand in front of one of these forever. Or go make art. Inspiring.

  4. 'Poetry needs time and love', yes. Thank you for practice slow,and for your beautiful, stimulating, affirming, uplifting images and words. Thank you for introducing me to Elisabeth Belliveau, and helping me on my way creative..... xxoo

  5. I need to set an alarm to bring me back here. To be restored. Thank you.

  6. I found it so odd to see my name in print -- even though I know I'm not the person to whom the writer is referring. The "...fifteen years of longing and loss and love" has particular significance. Alas...the deep connection with the text subordinated the beauty of your work. I will have to go back and look again.

  7. I too was very affected by the words in this poem, Margaret's Mountain by Elisabeth Belliveau. I wanted very much to share them with those of you who read this blog. xoxo

  8. The combination of poetry and your work was astounding and moving. Thank you.

  9. I love all your work but the green one speaks to my heart and soul.

  10. Judy I always look forward to your posts, but this one is extra special! Thank you.


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