Thursday, December 13, 2018

I spill, I overflow

I am large and empty and naïve and beautiful and raw and nowhere and everywhere and as if I am dreaming all the time.  I visited my kids in Toronto last week.

 Above bird drawings are collaborations by grand daughter Aili and grand mom Judy
I also saw some art.
The bird sculpture above and the wire wall piece below are by Kai Chan.
Showing now at the David Kaye gallery in Toronto until December 23, 2018
 The wire sculpture is entitled 'The tragic Venture of an Ant in my Bathtub 2018'
Maia, who will be 2 years in January, made the circle drawing above.
The barns are between Spring Bay and Gore Gay on Manitoulin Island
I live on Manitoulin Island in Lake Huron, Ontario, one of the largest islands in a freshwater lake in the world.
I have lived my entire life in northern or north western Ontario and its rural emptiness is held in the work I make.  We raised our children here
The two grand daughters and their art live in Toronto. 
I was in Toronto last week.  Now I am home,
The final two images in this post are wall sculptures by Kai Chan
Above:  In the Early Morning: The Lake
Below:  'the artist as a young man'
I am an ocean in a bowl
I spill 
There is too much of me and at the same time there is not enough
I am dreaming and mindless at the same time
I am here and there
nowhere and everywhere
I am
I am
                                                                    I am still more                                                                       

 Jim Morrison


  1. there is so much joy glowing out from this post (((Judy)))!

  2. Hmmmm, so much here. Thanks for your musings- I love the links you weave.

  3. There is such richness in your life! AND you share poignant pieces with all of us. You are part of of my gratitude list!!

  4. How I love the birds and your photos of the old barns - I do sometimes miss not having snow around Christmas time, we are usually baking in the sun in New Zealand.


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