Thursday, December 20, 2018

new work that grows

There's something un-real about the month of December,
as if real life deadlines go on hold.

I've been stitching 9-patches, making new cloth from tiny squares.
In the busy days
in the dark time of December
I retreat into the grid.
I sit by the window with the bird feeder view and hand stitch.
mrs cardinal

mr cardinal

I pin my work up because it is impossible to see it when it is in my lap.
I plan to organize the finished quilt with a horizon.
I've been looking at the open water, it's always moving, the ice not in yet

The moving water makes me think that I always am asking why?
Why do I ask why?

Trust myself.
Learn why
"what does it mean to say "I lose myself"  asked Immanuel Kant in 1786

I  lose myself in this grid

it's dark by 4:30
It's the shortest day.
But the cloth gets larger.
In the evenings I plug away on the sunny-rainy piece.
The stitches make it denser, but it doesn't get bigger
Our girls come home on Saturday.


  1. Blessed Solstice to you dear Judy. I love the grid in your lap.You shared a quote from Agnes Martin once. Agnes said: the grid is innocence. I have that quote on my work wall.

    1. Blessed Solstice to you Valerie. And to your beautiful family. xo

  2. such a beautiful post of your work in hand at this turning of the year

    1. you are beautiful Mo. happy Solstice xo

  3. You mentioned the ice and I remember when I worked at red lodge on Manitoulin Island the ice we used all summer was cut in large blocks from the lake! What wonderful memories from a special place!

    1. It is a spiritual place. I sink into this place, and love to live here. What a beautiful memory of Red Lodge. Happy Solstice to you xoxo


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