Sunday, December 02, 2018

my work with me

I am on vaycay with my husband. 
We had ten days in Mexico with our Anchorage family.  Now they are back home.
They survived the earthquake and are still experiencing aftershocks, but they are safe.
Then we had another week and Canadian friends arrived.
  I brought my work with me.
I don't do it all the time, but some times.
It holds the heat and wind of this place some how. 
Each stitch wraps time snugly.
This slow time in Mexico
is threaded to my heart and will remain.


  1. ha, the squares remind me of Jude too ...
    Is that ordinary paper you're using ???

    1. the paper is from a notebook that I used in 2012 for a journal. In it I kept notes on phone conversations and lists of things to do...and also some personal thoughts. I am cutting it up , twisting it slightly, and using it in this work. The resulting cloth has a beautiful heft...light and heavy at same time, a little crunchy x

  2. sun surf stitch looks like a purrfect holiday!

  3. We are just back from the Yucatan peninsula where I too spent a lot of time stitching by the pool.

  4. So glad you had this time with family. I carry stitching around with me when traveling even if I don't get a chance to use it. A security blanket of sorts.

  5. Where do you source your fabrics?

    1. The fabrics in this post are : a) for the yellow work - Maiwa in Vancouver Canada, organic cotton overdyed with goldenrod and also black block printed cotton. b) the stitched paper piece is worked on a used linen damask table linen cloth that was gifted to me . Thank you for the good question . ❤️

  6. Beautiful, beautiful. Glad your Alaska family is safe.


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