Tuesday, August 14, 2018

so much is embedded in these marks

the front of this piece is plant dyed cotton flannel
I like producing my own work slowly over a lengthy period of time and allowing it to change along the way.
the reverse is ancient flannel bed covers
I am mesmerized by the work of it.
by the steady rhythmic marking.
 So much is embedded in those marks.
 Time for one thing, the time it takes to place them.
Touch for another.
The silence, but also the quiet sounds of the mark making itself.
What interests me is very very simple and quiet
and marked repeatedly with the human hand.
I was here.  I made this.
Feel my touch.
and remember me.

text from my 2010 journal that I re-read for 3rd time in August
images are of a work in progress


  1. I love your work, such serenity in it. How do you accomplish so much? ♥️

  2. I love that you ‘show up’ for your work. You are there, fully present to all of your senses. Then you give that to us.... the simple, the silence...

  3. Yes, indeed, serenity. Mesmerizing is what I find in your peaceful pieces. What do you use to mark the lines for stitching?

  4. I really enjoy looking at your photos, your work. it mesmerizes me. I want to make something like one of your blankest but have no idea what fabric/textile to look for. could you advise of the material to use?
    thank you so much.

  5. Thank you for thinking that I accomplish a lot - I just love to do it, and do a little every day. (sometimes a lot)

    I rarely mark any lines for stitching these days. I follow the grain line. If I stitch a circle - I need to make some pre-marks with ink or pencil - also text...but otherwise. No marking.

    the materials I use are natural fibres or re-purposed domestic cloths. The piece pictured in this post is flannel that I purchased to cover my design wall - but changed my mind and dyed it with variety of plants to make these lovely tans and greys. The back of the piece is a cotton utility towel (very worn) that was gifted to me annonymously through the David Kaye gallery - and an old family cotton flannel blanket from the cottage. The TIME held within these well-used textiles gives a solidity to the finished work.

    Thank you everyone for commenting and visiting this blog love you xo

  6. Words and photographs go right to the heart, a spring of serenity

    1. Sorry, I do not know what happened, my name didnt come out. Blandina

  7. Wonderful words, and a lovely quilt. Taking the time to enjoy the process is what quiltmaking is all about for me.


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