Friday, August 10, 2018

I love you every day

How one lives as a private person is intimately bound into the work.  At some point I believe one has to stop holding back for fear of alienating some imaginary reader or real relative or friend, and come out with personal truth.
If we are to understand the human condition , and if we are to accept ourselves in all the complexity, self doubt, extravagance of feeling guilt, joy,
the slow feelings of the self to its full capacity for action and creation both as human beings and as artists, we have to know all we can about each other and we have to be willing to go naked.
images: cottage time with our younger daughters (the aunties)
              and oldest grand daughter (4 years)
text:  May Sarton 


  1. I agree, I am there, thank you for this post. xo

  2. I put this post up to say that I am still alive and that all I am doing is watching the water and my daughters watching the grand daughter who is here with us for 5 days without mommy and daddy.
    And my lame leg comes back now and then - not every day, but enough to make me afraid of falling on the rocks and I cry about that.
    The May Sarton text is the most recent in my daily journal. xo

  3. as Don de Lillo said in Great Jones St (1973) "be naked at the moment of delivery"

  4. If I'm honest, I'm envious of your life with family on a lake. Not though of your pain. If I could I would relieve that for you. Wishing for that.

    1. I realize how lucky I am every single day to have water in my aily view. love you xoxo

  5. I know ‘your’ water and feel the joy of sharing time with family. I spent 2 summers working at RedLodge fishing camp as a teen from ohio. I love this lake and swam across it! What good memories!
    Thank you for giving in a most deep and conscious way!

  6. so true Judy! love the photos, wonderful drawings by your granddaughter,I finally have a new post on my blog. You are lucky to have such lovely views of water, I'm about 5 min from Lake Erie. It is a source of great joy for me. My grandchildren are the light of my life. I do not see them as much as I would like but I hold on to the memories, have a good week!

  7. Love you everyday and your beautiful soul, Friend. Blessings.

  8. it's not uncommon for me to find my own thoughts here, so close in path i feel with you. Our truths shared are evolutionary. It's what we offer. I was preparing an audio this morning in preparation for a new kind of sharing. and I wandered here and felt less afraid.


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