Sunday, September 10, 2017

more softness

I feel awe every day
when I look out at the sun glittering on the water
and every night when the moon does the same thing.
I live in a lonely beauty.
Manitou means God.  Manitoulin Island is Spirit Island,

and this spiritual place is embedded in my stitched art.
This work also is based on the ideas of destruction and reparation
and more softness.

More humility.
Life changes in an ordinary instant.
We bleed.
My work is done in a rush of slow.

It gives me self-healing.
I hope that it communicates something to the inner inner of my viewers.
This piece arrived for me without too much thinking,
in a rush,
It came out of an almost erotic inner dreamworld
very sensuous and intuitive,
and then my hands touched and touched it.

I stitched and stitched
through the spring
throughout the summer
and now it is September
and all the while i knew it was art and yet it was also something else.
A healing cloth.
I felt myself becoming whole.
inner symbols
almost a mandala
My work holds the whirl of each day
the rush of time
the emotions of life

I'm just doing the best I can.


  1. In Edmonton, on the eve before a Big Trip...your soft work calms me. And another artist, a young mom also doing her best. A hand-stitcher: I am enveloped in soft, quiet, calming reflections. Thank you.

  2. The very first glance touched my inner inner, and seeing the light shine through it filled me. Thank you.

  3. thanks for that link, Margaret. xo Have a good trip.

  4. your art and words give such deep solace for this old heart and soul thank you (((Judy)))

  5. love the front or is it the back? the red lines/dashes...they look like morse code...secret whisperings to Mother Earth.

    Beautiful texture & stitches as always.

  6. I do love this piece. Thank you for making something that transmits so much beauty, thoughtfulness and peace. ❤️🙏❤️

  7. Astonishing, Judy. I love it. All of it. First Place, coming right up. :-)

  8. You live in a beautiful, restful, peaceful place - I can feel myself relaxing just looking at your photographs - and I need that in my life presently. Thank you. Your beautiful piece, serene, heart-warming.

  9. Julia, Italy2:19 am

    Incredible stitching creating such a depth of stitching. Beautiful work thank you.

  10. Julia, Italy2:33 am

    sorry ...depth of texture

  11. My stitching documents the storm we are watching before we return home. Ironically, the piece is called Migration: Higher Ground Your words are a rescue boat. Thank you, Judy.

  12. This work speaks to me of the healing cycles of season: the anticipation of change that autumn presents, the clarity of winter; two seasons that resonate in going deeper into who we are, quietening self, listening to astonishingly beautiful work Judy.

  13. The best I can do
    I reach for this goal each day
    In the rush of time

  14. the best you can do is an amazing healing, magical, mystical work in cloth. Your beautiful dwelling place surely inspire each stitch you take. Both sides, the light shining through, exquisite and deeply touching the spirit piece of work, Judy. Each photo held to view slowly as the totality of your words and work could speak to my soul. Thank you.

  15. I love you words and work!

  16. Dear Judy,
    Your posts are healing my soul. I can not tell you how much I love visiting your blog. Your work, your words are so inspiring. I love the fact that "it is art but also whole lot of something else". Love

  17. Really an incredible work of art. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

  18. Its beautiful, thank you

  19. The hearth of healing is shining through the golden piece. How mending it is to my soul.


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