Tuesday, August 08, 2017

my early life

the images of my youth in this post have a freshness for me that my newer ideas can never have
my mother made her own clothes from vogue patterns

my sister is 5 years younger than me, my brother 20 months older
my father designed and built our house on the highway

I grew up on acerage in north western ontario, Canada
 In art you need two things

a)  a feeling of groundedness
b)  a place of risk where you are not quite sure what will happen
a vulnerable space
 I repeat myself all the time

what is our interior landscape?
why not pay more attention to the fragility of our own life?


the mark - and also the space around the mark

our son Jay scanned my father's slides 


  1. such deep heart and gentle soul

  2. Stillness and groundedness
    the keys to art and calm.
    It is always good to see where we came from

  3. i like this very much judy.

  4. I love seeing these pictures of your family and the golden glow of sunlight on the new piece. Thank you...

  5. Deeply personal, but not specifically so. Your story translates to our story, and for that I thank you. Love seeing little you :)

  6. Your story, your words are a strong, purposeful picture of being with our creative self in the making of art. Thank you for the beauty of your story shared.

  7. These are lovely and touching pictures of your family. I’m very drawn to the isolation of the background landscape. I think I see that and the vulnerability it suggests often portrayed in your art.

  8. I loved seeing these old photos too. The isolation of the place I grew up in was brought back to me. The elegance of my mother. The creativity of my father. The solidness of our family unit. The long winters. I thought sharing them might help me. Thank you to all who have commented and visited - love xo


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