Friday, August 12, 2016

Sati Zech

 When I started to use the internet as a research tool, I came across the work of Sati Zech.
A 2006 exhibition of her red and white bollenarbeit series excited many art lovers.
The rounded shapes refer to the rounded hills of her childhood landscape in southern Germany. Currently, the artist resides and works in Berlin.
 This beautiful white space is the Heidelberg gallery that held that important 2006 exhibition.
Sati Zech also works with black vinyl. The wall piece above is large, nearly 160 inches wide.
New work is in rawhide and uses the motife of repeated circles.  (2014)
In 2010, Zeck participated in a resdency in California.  James Chute interviewed her and the following quotes are from his article in the June 27 San Diego Union Tribune.

“I don’t want to have any contact with quilts,” exclaimed Zeck, whose English is salted with a pronounced German accent. “I never thought about quilts. I don’t want to make quilts. I have nothing to do with it.”  The only parallels between Zech’s work and most quilts is they both involve fabric.  Both also have the function of providing warmth. Of course, you have to pull a quilt over you for that to happen. With Zech’s larger pieces, you stand in front of her strange, hypnotic red shapes and layered canvasses and your temperature starts to rise.

“You can see, I’m not a drawer; I’m not really a painter. I’m a sculptor. I’m not really interested in color. I use color to show energy, that’s why my work is warm.”   Most of all, she’s intrigued by the “language beyond normal language,” how people reach out, cope and connect beyond mere speech.  “What happens when the normal language stops and you are in a crisis in your life?” she asked. “You are in really deep trouble, then you use other languages.
“I traveled and worked for 10 years in Africa, and for me this was very important because I found the same experience, that people don’t trust what you are telling. They don’t trust your words but they trust your body, they trust how you move, the way you look into my eyes, much more than the words.”   “The color red, I don’t use it as a color, it’s more like a statement, more like reminiscent to Africa. I never thought about it, but I’ve always lived in cities, and I think it’s reminiscent of the warmth, the heat and the energy of Africa, and the empathy between the people."
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More about this artist over on modernist aesthetic. 


  1. affascinata da queste opere d'arte mi emozionano buona giornata Silvana

  2. Wow, thank you for introducing me to Sati Zech's artwork, I love it especially her red & white pieces!

  3. Hi Judy, I discovered Sati Zech's work in January and I'm smitten. It must be that they are as much textiles as they are paintings. Thanks for highlighting her work!

  4. OMG! I love this! And its some kind of synchronicity that I just posted about mark makers, in that her work would be right at home in the group I posted, right? Thank you for sharing her work - I’m in love with it already. xo


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