Monday, August 08, 2016

my alaska family

jack's badge that he designed,
indigo being transplanted by oona
oona with the japanese indigo 
sun shade, leaf compost, watering
jack's stitches
We have had some lovely visits with Oona and the boys this summer.  Love them so much.
The family re-locates to Alaska at the end of next week.


  1. I hope they love living in Alaska: I do!

  2. Love those badges. Alaska is on my wishlist, sitting here in a house in the Western Ghats of India, Alaska seems most exotic.

  3. Such a fine way to commemorate stitches. I know you will miss them.

  4. I’m sad for you that they are moving far away again, but happy to see here the time they've spent with you. Happy, as well to have Oona back in my life. Bittersweet.

    But, I’ve really missed my friend.

    So lovely that we share this thread.


  5. Thank you Amy for your good wishes for our family. xo
    Thank you Jeanne, I shall miss them, but we will visit. xo

    It was a blessed year to have the boys close enough to us so that we could watch them grow and change - we could experience their childhood - and got closer to them.

    It is the changes in the boys that I will miss witnessing. and the hugs. xo


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