Monday, August 15, 2016


detail of front - silk with silk and wool thread, judy martin
most of the back, quilted with hand embroidery, silk with wool batt, judy martin 100 " square
I put my silk quilt through the gentle cycle with cold water and hung it on the line.

make my way without a map

say yes to the experience that comes

trust beyond measure

Luce Irigaray


  1. hands hands hands
    that's all and that's all that's important

  2. The way you make by stitching...without a map...helping some of us to find home. Thank you.

  3. Hi Judy, oh the time that you have invested in your work. This textile is gorgeous.
    I hope that your leg is healing nicely.

  4. this invites the haptic experience with so much joy!

  5. My leg is getting so much better. Thank you for your good thoughts. xo

  6. thank you for sharing...both your cloth, stitches and the words. very touching & thought provoking.

  7. And it is delightful!

  8. I'm so happy to hear that you are feeling better! This cloth is stunning, I love the texture, makes me want to run my fingers over each line like a maze/labyrinth.

  9. Oh the movement. Oh the color. Oh the sheen. Oh the size! And you washed it. Reading that, my heart threatened to stop. I'm about to embark on a silk quilt for my daighter. Any words of advise? Did you prewash, too? This one is magnificent, Judy.

  10. Yes, Jeanne. All fabrics had been pre-washed because they had all gone through natural dye process - of being immersed in hot dye baths and were allowed to simmer - and then rinsed of course.

    I was worried about washing it because of the stitching - I thought it might come undone but it didn't.

    I wanted to wash it because I had drawn the design on with washable marker in orange and yellow, and although those lines were not always visible because they were covered up - I still wanted to erase them. I also wanted to tighten the whole piece up by making it fresh and clean and line-dried.

    So delighted that it all worked out.

  11. had to come back to see this again. i love the why for washing. i just love washing textiles!

  12. Stunning! I'm speechless.


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